433,000 Tourism Jobs Depend on Tourism Promotion Marketing Dollars

What are we asking for?

Tourism Means Business in Pennsylvania. Tourism business depends on tourism marketing dollars. Targeting tourism marketing spending for additional cuts hurts Pennsylvania even more and will cost precious jobs Pennsylvanians can ill afford to lose right now. Worse, these cuts reduce the revenues this industry generates to fund so many badly-needed social and education programs across the Commonwealth.

PA Tourism Means Business (video)

2012 Pennsylvania Tourism Summit
Hilton – Harrisburg, PA • April 29 – May 2, 2012

In March of 2011, the Pennsylvania Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus (PACVB), the Pennsylvania Tourism and Lodging Association (PTLA), the Pennsylvania Tourism Coalition and the Pennsylvania Tourism Office hosted the first statewide Pennsylvania Tourism Summit.

This event is intended to become an annual gathering of one of the state’s most vital industries. The goal of the summit is to bring together many of the tourism industry partners to explore ways to work more collaboratively toward a stronger voice within the industry.

The hope is that this Tourism Summit will spark critical collaboration among the tourism industry and empower each of the organizations and constituencies to be actively engaged in helping to move this significant industry forward – and together can collectively create a “tourism blueprint” that will form the foundation for a master plan for sustainable tourism across Pennsylvania. Click here to register.

2012 Tourism Day

The highlight of the 2012 Tourism Summit occurs on Monday, April 30 at 3pm as hundreds of people, some dressed in costume, employed by this vital state industry parade from the Hilton Harrisburg to the State Capitol where they will gather for a rally and expo entitled “PA Tourism Day,” the rally will also feature costumed characters from area attractions and sporting events. The public is invited to join in the celebration of the state’s tourism industry by attending the rally and expo at the Capitol from 10am-4 pm on Monday, April 30, 2012.

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Who are we?

Tourism is critical to the economic well-being of Pennsylvania. The Tourism industry is a coalition of museums, wineries, golf courses, hotels, restaurants, attractions and many other tourism partners’ largely made up of small businesses. The State Tourism Office, county and regional-based destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and regional marketing partners work with over 100,000 local tourism and hospitality businesses to attract leisure and business travelers to Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania has such a wide array of tourism products, including heritage, arts and cultural components of our industry. Arts and culture communities are a key partner in attracting and developing new businesses in Pennsylvania. Governor Corbett has recognized the importance of this segment of our industry throughout his campaign and the industry looks forward to supporting arts & cultural heritage as a significant part of the tourism industry.

All of these partners support more than 433,000 Pennsylvanians employed in the Tourism industry.

The economic impact of visitor spending in Pennsylvania in 2009 was significant:

Total Visitor spending was $31.1 billion

  • Leisure Travers – $26 billion
  • Business Travelers – $5 billion

Total Economic Impact – $32.9 billion

Total Jobs Supported – 433,000

  • Total Direct Jobs – 283,000

State & Local Tax Revenues – $3.4 billion

Additional statistics can be found at www.pajunto.com under the Research and Statistics tab.


PA tourism = jobs

Take Action

Restoring tourism funding to its proper level needs your action! In the Governor’s proposed 2012-13 state budget Tourism will be funded at $3 million dollars. The industry needs to find a more sustainable and effective way to fund this vital industry in Pennsylvania.

Tourism funding has fallen from a high of $44 million in 2000 to a low of $3 million for this coming fiscal year’s budget.

Over the last 18 months, the House Tourism Committee Chairman – Representative Jerry Stern (Blair County) has been working with a collation of the Tourism Associations and Organizations on a creation of a public-private Pennsylvania Tourism Commission.

HB 2056 creates a publicprivate Commission, whose responsibilities would be to brand, promote and market Pennsylvania as a destination. We believe this initiative would increase the industry’s ability to positively impact Pennsylvania’s economy.

This initiative would also insulate the Commonwealth’s tourism brand and marketing initiatives from changes every four to eight years by giving control to a board with demonstrated expertise and whose members are appointed to staggered 4 year terms. This initiative would also ensure greater alignment across the tourism industry to capitalize on increased economic opportunities relating to tourism in Pennsylvania, as well as a better opportunity to create partnerships that work well and create more consistency in the marketing and promotion efforts of Pennsylvania as a destination.

The Tourism industry supports HB 2056 and thinks this is a creative and pro-active approach to solving the continued funding challenges that our industry is facing. As Tourism is successful – more monies are directive back to the State in the form of tax revenues.

Click for a copy of HB 2056 and a FAQ sheet on what this legislation will do.

Contact your local legislator!